Error 24 on pacemaster proselect

Im getting error 24 on my treadmill the minute it start. I can't find anything in manual about it and limited info on net to dignose the problem. Any ideas?


  • Err Code 24 – (Hi Acceleration Error) Indicates that the control panel is receiving erratic motor speed signals or too high an acceleration rate. This error code can occur at start up or during the workout.
    1. In some cases, a “power brownout” (the treadmill is not getting enough current from the wall outlet) can cause this error code. Restart the treadmill, if the error still occurs –
    2. External electrical noise (AC line noise) can interfere with the (RPM) signal between the power supply and the control panel. Make sure the treadmill is plugged into a 20 AMP DEDICATED CIRCUIT. Check to see if the error is concurrent with the operation of other electrical or electronic devices such as: air conditioners, garage door openers, refrigerators, freezers or home security devices. Do not use a power strip. If an extension cord is needed, it must be a heavy-duty 14-guage, grounded three-wire cord no longer than 12 feet. If this does not correct the error, follow steps 3 through 7 as described below.
    3. Check the strobe disc holes for dust accumulation, if there is a build up of dust, clean out the holes. Also, check to see that the disc is not bent or wobbly and that it is not making contact with the optical sensor.
    4. Check the connection where the optical sensor plugs into the power supply board. A loose connection on the power supply will cause this error code. Also, check the two wires on the optical sensor for any sign of damage, if the wires are damaged, replace the optical sensor.
    5. Bypass the wire harness between the control panel circuit board and the power supply circuit board. If the error is corrected, install the spare harness. If the error still occurs –
    6. Replace the power supply. If the error still occurs –
    7. Replace the control panel.
    8. Replace the drive motor.
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