burning smell from proform 300i motor

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Hi, I have a proform 300i that I regularly used since 2018. I used to run but now only walk at 3 to 3.3 mph on it for about an hour a day. I weigh 185 lbs. I lube the belt once every 2 months. About a week ago I started to smell a very strong burning smell as I approach the one hour of use, and opened up the hood to check it out. I don't really see anything that is obviously burned or melt, and after using the treadmill without the hood, it looks like the smell is coming from the motor. Due to the way it is mounted, I can't really see the inside of the motor to see what is burning. So I am trying to go through the steps to diagnose it and will be getting a clamp meter in a couple days to check the draw. In the mean time is there anything else I need to look at to figure out what is going on? I am hoping that it is something relatively easy or inexpensive to fix as I am not very handy nor knowledgeable in this nor can I throw a lot of money at it.

Also, there is something that looks like a fan on top of what i think is the incline motor-is it supposed to spin when the treadmill is running? I circled it in one of the pictures. I don't see it move at all when I'm using the treadmill.

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  • Sounds like to walking belt is drawing to much current which the motor over heat and start to smell. It very well .

    DC Amp Draw
    Measure on the hot DC lead (usually red) going from the controller to the drive motor. If you have a simple multi-meter with a DC amp test setting the best way to test is to put the meter inline on the red motor lead with alligator clips. If you have a more expensive clamp meter, clamp the meter around the red motor wire. Run the machine at 2.5 MPH without a person on the belt. If the motor and drive system are healthy, you should have a reading in the 2-3 amp range. Then walk on the treadmill at the same speed. With a person of average size (around 200 lbs.) you should have a reading in the 6-8 amp range if the belt is good. The readings will fluctuate more with a load but you are looking for an average reading but you shouldn't see spikes above 10 amps. If the amp readings are high without a load, you could have a problem with high resistance in the motor, a bad bearing, or over-tightened belts. Regular readings without a load but high readings with a load indicate a worn belt and/or deck.
  • Thank you so much for replying. I am getting a clamp meter in a couple of days. Should I stop using the treadmill for now? Now the smell comes on at only about 30 minutes. I think it is due to the walking belt straining the motor because the smell is not as strong when I put it on an incline.
  • Most likely its the below, below is a discount if you need to order any parts.

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  • Thanks. Still haven't gotten my clamp meter yet. In the mean time I am wondering what is the lifetime warranty on your belt? Aren't all belts worn out after several years?

    also what is burning inside the motor? Is the motor permanently damaged once it starts burning? I am afraid that the motor will go downhill from here even with a new belt. thank you again!
  • Lifetime warranty-It covers defect such as if the belt separates at the seam or if the plys start to separate from one another. we will send you out a replacement.

    No most times the motor is fine- I would not use it until you test the amp draw.
  • Thank you. so my reading is about 2-3 amp unloaded and 10-12 amp loaded. So it can only either the belt or the deck right? how do I know if the deck is not also part of the problem?

    Can you point me to the replacement belt and possibly deck and instruction to change them? Thank you!

    My model number is PFTL39715.1
  • You can see if the deck is worn, just by running your hand over deck and feel for any groves or worn spots.

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