Issues after lubricating Nordictrack C600

Recently I lubricated my treadmill belt, using 100% silicone lubricant, doing as the treadmill manual said to. I followed all instructions, but about 1 Minute into letting it run with the lubricant, the belt sounded sticky and the motor sounded louder as if it was working harder suddenly. I left it for a while and when I came back to use it,the motor continued the noise and about 10 minutes into walking the motor started smelling hot and when I took off the panel the motor was very hot to the touch. The belt FEELS fine, but obviously something is up. No cotton candy-ing to my knowledge, underneath of belt doesn't feel sticky... Why did lubricating it ruin motor?


  • Sounds your walking belt could be worn, how old is the belt and how often were you lubing the belt before that. Make sure the lube has no petroleum in it. If it does that could be a issue.
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