Horizon T101 Troubleshooting - burn smell after 12-15 mins use

Good day,

New here so first thanks for having these forums available.

So background of use:
-Bought new December 2020
-Used daily until about March - April 2021
-Stopped using until about January 2022 to present (burning smell commenced in early February 2022).

Type of use:
-nothing faster than 4.5mph
-incline highly used, up to level 8
-time of use - 2020-2021 = 40 mins daily | 2022 20-25 mins 4 times/week

Lubrication (100% silicon bottle that came with the machine):
-Never lubed until around February 2022 - first time I noticed the burn smell.
-I used half a bottle as directed. Burn smell still preseent.
-One week after, applied second half of lube.
-I believe I tightened the belt too far; later found out the 2" gap when properly tightened.
-I now have it 2" gap.

Burn Smell:
-at 3rd minute I do 3.5 mph and level 6 incline. No smell.
-At 9th or 10th minute I do 3.7 mph and level 8. No smell.
-At 16-18 minute I drop the incline to 4-5; mph drop to 3.3 - SMELL BEGINS
-Therein the smell continues to and gets stronger. Belt gets "heavy".
-At this point I've had the belt come to a halt, or I just give up.

-At the end of my exercise, and only after the smell I notice some "plastic" dust behind the machine (towards my back on the floor) Picture of the dust is available.

What is happening here? Do I need to do more than lubing the walking belt? Change the belt? I've read something about rollers, but not much info on that.

This machine has barely been used as you can tell here.

Thanks for any insight.



  • Could that motor is over heating and causing unit to shut down, I would do a amp draw test and see what the amps are with load and without.
  • Really sounds like maybe the walking belt is the issue, the reason for the burning smell at no incline is because the unit is pulling more current to move your body weight, compare to when your on incline your body weight forces belt to move easier. I would think about replacing the walking belt.
    Do you have serial# off treadmill?
  • Serial # TM486201055389

    I've been using it without the motor cover on... Smell still comes but much lates, almost at 20 min mark...

    Today it shut off at 25 mins, barely any smell until after it shut off.

    I've been thinking about the belt myself, but no clue.
  • I only have a multi meter, could I do the amp draw test with this?
  • https://www.treadmilldoctor.com/dc-amp-draw

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  • I just got myself a clamp amp reader. Is good to have a good reader around...

    I hope this gives me the reading that I seek (likely spiking to 10 when a person walking).

    I saw the video, I think I should measure DC (even though this is not battery operated?)

    I'll report readings in a few days.
  • edited March 2022
    I got my readings... they're bad...

    First, for some reason the red cable gives me a "negative" reading. The black cable gives me the same reading but without the "-"

    Without load - 4.1 amps

    With load (200 lbs me) - 12 to 14 amps

    Link to the photos of readings - https://imgur.com/a/goaJ33t




    So, where do I begin?

  • Sounds like your walking belt is worn out. what is the serial number off your unit.
  • Serial TM486201055389
  • serial # tm486 & tm734 use the same walking belt.

    Discount Code - COPY AND PASTE this code, 1982 in the discount code box for a 5% discount off your order,
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