belt only stops when walking in the center portion

Our Smooth Fitness 6.45M has worked well for 13 yrs. Now the belt stops when walking on it, but I've found that if I move well to the back of where we usually are positioned during use, it will run without slowing down. As soon as I move up to the center portion, it rapidly slows and sops. I've recently lubricated it and I can't feel any difference between the center portion of the board and the rear portion. The belt appears to be in good shape and the tension appears to be fine. Any thoughts?


  • Your deck is worn out, and it has a dead spot on it, most likely you would need to replace the deck and the walking belt since they are both so old. normal life for a belt is about 7 to 8 years.
    The walking belt is $129.99 and the deck is $199.99 plus shipping.

    To order please call me 888-362-1105 then enter Ext 331 and ask for Jim or email at
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