Nordic Track 1750 - belt slows than stops around 5km mark

I received my treadmill new from Nordic Track less than a month ago, it came with a few broken pieces that had me concerned about using my treadmill. After being on hold for a few hours with US and Canada I finally got the right parts orders and shipped to me. Turns out they were just to replace the running rails so no issues with actually using the treadmill. my first run on it the belt started to slow down randomly eventually coming to a stop but still showing I was running at 12kph. after I got off I looked around and the belt started moving again so i got on and ran a bit more. then did the same thing. I finished my workout and called technical support, i also did some research and found some people had this issue and when taking the motor cover off it solved it, sounds like some over heating issues. tech came a week later and found that the belt miss-aligned (it was noticeable). I changed how the equipment was plugged into the wall and checked to see what else was on that breaker circuit from the panel because he said it could be a lack of amperage or an over draw. I told him I would give it a good run that night with everything off on that circuit. halfway through a 10 k it started doing the same thing (motor hood cover on) took the hood off and no problems until 30second from the finish i bumped it up to 17kph the machine shut down on me (sucks cause you loose all info on your run). no warning or anything just no power screen off. I had to reset it from the machine.

Has anyone had issues like this? if so what was the repair. i like the machine when its working and I'm enjoying the I fit training.


  • When it shuts down does the screen go blank. does it trip a breaker in house?
  • The first time the screen went blank and the breaker on the machine tripped, once I turned it back on it would not go past the loading screen and I spent a few days trying to boot it up, It happened on a Friday night so the Canadian help line was closed. I ended up doing a force system reboot (pin in the reset hole above the touch screen while you unplug it and plug it back in.

    since that issue the machine has shut off 1 more time on me but I haven't had to do a force reboot its always logged back in.

    I noticed another issue or i don't know how to use them properly by my EKG heart rate monitor grips don't seem to be taking my heart rate and displaying git for me on the screen.

    I'm starting to feel like i got a lemon!
  • Heart rate grips are a hit or miss, sometimes if you wet your palms with warm water it will pick up your heartrate.
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