Precor TRM 445 fit and finish - expecting too much?

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Hi all,

Can anyone weigh in about whether or not this is the expected fit and finish for a brand new $5000 machine?

Just received the Precor TRM 445 last week. Had service done for this today with no improvement; dealer has called back to say the ones on their showroom floor are like this as well.

Just wanted the opinion of others before I try to escalate the issue with Precor.





  • Our techs are saying this is normal in some of the models
  • Thank you. That's what the dealer had told me, though I still found it disappointing at the price point. I did email Precor, and they have responded to say they think this might be correctable. Will see how it goes!
  • yes please let us know as we find this pretty much unacceptable considering the price range also
  • Beside this. had a small issue with the belt guides at the back of the deck. Left hand one was dragging on the belt. Took a little adjustment, but I was able to resolve the issue.

    Precor will be sending another tech to come and look at it. Will keep you posted. They ordered parts for the tech in advance which seems unusual; maybe they know of a manufacturing issue.
  • Glad to hear they are sending someone out!
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