How does the Inner-Workings of an Incline Motor work

I know my incline motor for my NordicTrack Exp1000i is faulty, but I'm trying to learn more about how this motor actually works, and there doesn't seem to be much out there on the inner workings of this motor. For starters, what does the numbers mean on the white label of the motor? Push means it pushes rather than pulls, correct? I assume the 900 is the amount of force it can exert, correct?

I have a 163896 PUSH 900 000-0047 PH-06R 1.5AMPS 34 RPMS Stroke 2.42 Inch

I was told a 1.65 Inch stroke would be compatible, but what would I be losing exactly going from 2.42 down to 1.65? Is that the torque per inch?

The motor was locked up, I couldn't even turn the gear worm myself. I hammered around on it and turned the top screw with a flat head clockwise and counter-clockwise a few times. I noticed turning it counter, I would get a little resistance but I continued. I finally noticed that I could easily turn the gear worm with my hand. I connected it back to the treadmill, and attempted to test the incline. I could see it turning, but for only about 2 seconds, forward and reverse. I figured I just needed to calibrate it. Well, now it just turns indefinitely, but what is odd, is the gear worm does not even move up or down while it's turning. I thought maybe it needs pressure on the end, but that didn't make any difference, yet when I turn it manually, it does extend or lower. Also, noticed a philip screw head inside the black pipe that screws directly into the worm gear; it fell off during this testing. I was going to screw it back in, but noticed it had actually broke off. That would take a lot of force, yet I didn't see anything inside this pipe that connects to this screw other than the gear worm. So how does a screw in the middle of the gear worm, with nothing connected to it, just snap off?

Obviously, I don't understand the workings of this motor, but would love any info or links that could educate me.

I think what happen to the incline motor was my wife accidentally put the treadmill up while it was still inclined. The manual says to ALWAYS put the incline all the way down before folding it up, or that it will damage the incline motor. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain how or why it will damage it, so does anyone know what exactly happens to the incline motor when it's still partially inclined while folding it up?

Thank you


  • We don't have any info on the incline motor itself, besides it no being available any longer.
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