Nordictrack c2400 problems

Wife complained that it feels like it’s slippery.

I played with walking belt tension to no avail.

Inspected further, found motor drive belt slipping when the slipping feeling is forced (I could run it at 1mph and with a rag on my hand press down on waking belt, visually see the belt slip on the front roller as it couldn’t turn the walking belt with that extra pressure applied).

I bought this used and it had a lot of things mis aligned. Figured it’s time for a new belt, but saw another spot to hook the auto spring tensioner to for the drive belt and put more tension on it. I also loosened and wiggled the drive motor into better alignment with the tensioner and roller pulleys (it’s always been out a bit).

Treadmill ran great with the extra tension on the drive belt. I could turn all by hand easily. Took it for a test walk, slippery feel was completely gone.

I wanted to test it further so I really stomped on it at 3mph. Barely got it to slip. But now the turd won’t run!

It will power on. It will start up, but within a second or 2 power off. The console still counts miles as if it’s still turning. The motor (on start up) roars as if it’s trying to achieve the 3mph it stopped on me at, then shuts off.

In calibration mode, it’ll count as if it’s running 3-4 mph before it shuts off, which seems accurate. I’ve turned the adjustment slightly each way for the speed and it doesn’t fix anything.

I’ve changed the gap of the speed sensor at the front roller, close the gap, widened the gap, no fix or help.

Power cycled it many times with the plug and the breaker.

LED stays lit red steady as if no problem.

Can anyone lend any advice here? Thanks, it is greatly appreciated.


  • Another thing of note, although it makes no sense to me. My daughter complained of the lights dimming where she was, so I assume I’m on the same circuit with the treadmill.

    That leads me to think it’s drawing too much.

    Why, though. I straightened the drive motor, got pullies aligned better, I even released the belt tensioner completely. After every tinkering with, the belt and motor turn together by hand in my mind very smooth and easily.

    I’ve released a lot of the walking belt tension to no avail either.

    Nothing I’ve done should’ve made the motor have a harder time turning, but that seems to be what’s going on.

    It may be drawing a lot initially because it’s trying to turn on to a higher speed, even though I’m indicating I want 1mph.

    Is there some reason it’ll try to 3 mph that it shut down on me? How can I make it stop this? I’d think power cycling it would but so far, even after being powered down for hours, it still does the same thing.
  • Sounds like you have a motor controller that has gone bad.
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