Pro-Form Pro-2000 display / computer issues

We purchased a Pro-Form Pro-2000 treadmill from Costco just before Christmas. Brought it home, put it together, got it up and running, it was pretty straight forward. Wife used it once, then the second time she went to turn it on the computer took around 5 minutes to boot up and then it went in and worked and she was able to do a workout. After the workout instead of going back to the ifit screen it went to a black screen and just froze. We ended up calling tech support and they walked us through using a paperclip in the side of the display and doing a factory reboot. They then went through all of the update procedures again and after about an hour on the phone it was up and working again.

Wife went to use it for the third time and again got the black screen, this time flashing what looks like a green robot with the words "No Command" below it. Called tech support again, after about 45 minutes of trying things, they decided that the computer was bad and sent us out the entire screen portion to replace. I replaced it, went through the initial setup and updates and it all seems fine. Wife does her first workout after the screen replacement and after the workout it goes to the white screen with the flashing arrow for 6 minutes before it goes back to the home screen.

I believe these systems run android software. My only experience with android was a tablet that we had years back and I remember it was terribly slow and clunky from day one, so not sure if this is just the way these treadmills are or if there is something else that is going on and causing problems or ?? For others with this treadmill, does the slow responses and computer lag seem to be normal for them? Once she is able to get into ifit and start a workout it seems to go along fine, and the machine seems like it has great potential if we can get past the computer issues.


  • Its just the way the icon units operate, just not a great system that they have, Hopefully you purchased a extended warranty on that unit.
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