NordicTrack x9i console issues

I have a nordictrack x9i that won’t update the firmware and is having issues with the wifi connection. I think it’s time to upgrade it. Is it possible for me to just get a new console from a model with a larger, more up to date console and plug it in? I am hoping for the 22 inch one but I’m not sure if I am asking too much. The model of my machine is NTL19010.6


  • Sorry, The only console you can put on that is the one that came with the unit and at this time they are out of stock.
  • Is there a way to make it work with the IFIT app? It seems like it needs a Bluetooth connection to work and I can’t make the Bluetooth turn on, on the screen.
  • Nordictrack sells a CONSOLE REPROG MICRO SD CARD that may solve your issue and the cost of that is $116.89 plus shipping.
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