Trimline Treadmill T350HR En9 and 5i

I have a treadmill where display alternates between En9 and 5i (could be Si). What does this mean? It will not power on for the purpose of walking but it will allow me to run the calibration and displays CAL PASS. It will also perform a program demo if I press program button for 5 seconds. Treadmill Doctor, do you know what En9 and 5i codes mean?


  • In the calibration procedure does your drive motor run?
  • The belt moves and goes faster as speed increases. I am assuming that is the result of the "drive motor".
  • Not sure what those codes stand for. do you have the safety key in place?
  • Yes, I tried with and without several times and it didn't help. I really love this treadmill. If you think of anything else, please let me know. Thank you for your help thus far.
  • Sounds like a stuck button on console ,so unit will not operate,those parts are no longer available\
  • YES SUCCESS! I pressed all the buttons on the console one by one several times and it looks like they got unstuck. The En9 and 5i messages went away and the treadmill is back to normal.
    If that didn’t work I would have dismantled the console and cleaned those buttons (obviously disconnecting the power first!!!)
    I also ran a Calibration by keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds and then start.
  • Good luck with it
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