Treadmill skeep blowing fuses

I have a Cardiozone Elite HRT that now keeps blowing one of the fuses related to motor power. Runs for a while and then dies with a blown fuse.

What can cause that?


  • Could be worn out walking belt, if you let unit run by itself with on one on it will it still blow the fuse?
  • Hmm. Worn out walking belt? Just replaced the drive belt but not the walking belt. Will let it run and see...
  • Just completed a 60 minute run and no blown fuse. Paused 2-3 times to "rest" the motor for a minute or 2 each time. When done I felt the motor and it was quite hot. Not too hot to touch but very warm. Drawing lots of current. Is this another hint at a worn walking belt? Estimate about 3,000 miles are on the current belt.
  • Yes, I wouldn't use it any more until you replace the walking belt and lube the belt every 6 months. You can always call me at 888 362 1105 ext 331
  • OK. Sounds like I need to order an new walking belt. Thanks for your help.
  • I am trying to prepare my Cardiozone Elite HRT for a new walking belt. I can remove the rollers but cannot remove the deck because I cannot remove the side rails. They do not appear to be screwed or stapled on and I cannot slide them back. They could just be stuck but they feel very secure. I cannot remove the front caps on the rails as they also seem screwed on but cannot find out where. I looked at the hep video on replacing the walking belt but it does not work for the Cardiozone as the deck does not appear to be floating. There are bolt heads n the bottom pf the deck. Maybe I need to remove those first? I could use some instructions specific to the Cardiozone Elite HRT.

  • Sometimes the side rails are held down with two way tape.
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