Treadmill stops after few minutes while I am walking

If somebody has a solution to my problem. While I am walking the treadmill stops al of a sudden but the display is on and time keeps on running. If I switch Off and On again it runs but if I climb on it goes Off again. At this point if I leave the treadmill to run without load it keeps on running but if I increase the speed (from .8 to 2 kmph) it goes Off again. Let me also say I have cleaned the deck and belt it looks fine as new but not lubricated yet. Is that the problem? The brand is Motorstar made in China.


  • I would lubricate under the belt every 6 months. That may solve your issue.
  • Thank you. I have lubricated with a silicon lubricant spray. Now I notice that it does'nt stop at a very low speed .8 kmph upto 1.5 kmph. When I increase the speed after few seconds it just stops with the time running. Is it the counter sensor (Speed) faulty or to be re alligned? Any procedure to re-allign the speed sensor?
  • Sounds like it could still need to be lube, not real big fan of the spray lubricant. I would try a gel type lube.
  • Thank you I will try lube again
  • I tried lube but still stops if speed increased or sometimes at same speed too. And only with load. Without load it runs at same speed (slow only) for an hour no problem.
  • Try test on attachment
  • I tried the test in attachment. When the treadmill stops the whole motor, roller and drive belt everything stops. It starts back only if I power Off and On again. Sometimes it works for 6 to 12 minutes sometimes it runs only for 4 minutes and stops. If I do not get on top then it runs for a longer period (half an hour or more).
  • Sounds like you may have a few issues, one a worn running belt and 2nd a motor controller that is overheating.
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