Proform 590T console doesn't register entrys

It only makes do do do noise every 10 seconds or so. Tried reset the switch near the power cord. The led light by the motor stays solid red, but there is no voltage from the console to the motor control board. The console display zero in all settings, it makes "do" noise when I press the key but changes no numbers. There is not burning sigh on all the circuit boards.

Any ideas?


  • The safety key is in place, if so it sounds like a console issue.
  • Thank you for your reply. I just replaced the motor controller but it didn't help. Any other troubleshooting I can do before replacing the console? It costs about 400 bucks! Ouch.
  • Also the green wire (tach) on the motor controller measures 3.8 volts and 0, it's supposed to be 0 or 5 depending on where the magnet on the pulley. Replacing the controller gave the same reading.
  • Its sound like you still have a console issue.
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