Proform Treadmill perspective 1.0 LX issues

treadmill turns on, runs well without anyone on it. If I walk or run on it, it will stop after a few minutes. No rhyme or reason. Checked the controller, motor, motor belt, reed switch, belt tension. FYI, new motor, new reed switch, new controller board. Only item never replaced is walking belt. Rollers are working fine. Belt has 6142 miles on it, treadmill has 3481, please do not yell.


  • Sounds like your belt & deck may be worn out, when was the last time you lube the belt & deck?
  • I thought I kept it lubed fairly well. I use the treadmill doctor lube from amazon. I will try using a bit more and see if it works for my dogs. I am planning on replacing the belt with the lifetime belt from treadmill doctor at the end of the month. How do you know about the board wearing out? I replaced it twice before but both times it had snapped in half.
    I had to register because I had changed my email over to a separate one and it kept showing an error saying I needed to confirm my email but never received the confirmation email.
  • Really sound like the belt & deck are worn out.

    when your ready to order please call me at 888-800-1167 then enter ext 331 and ask for Jim.
  • Ordered the belt online yesterday from y'all. I hope you were not cut out of a sale. Just in case, do y'all sell the deck for my treadmill too?
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    I really hope you have a walking deck because icon (proform parent company) no longer sells them.
  • Yes they are $199.99 plus $6.99 shipping.
    All I need are the measurement of the deck- length x width x thickness and if you have any cut outs at the front of the deck. (Example 5 1/2" in from each side and 2 3/4" down from the front edge.
    call me at 888-800-1167 ext 229 ask for jim
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