Rebock 3.5 hp treadmill problem

The above treadmill for the most part works good. All speeds all displays everything looks good. But the motor don't have any low end torque. No matter what speed I put it one, it will speed to that speed, and if I resist on the belt the motor will slow down and stop. At that point, the motor doesn't try to go (no grunt or grown). Just no low end torque at all.

Any idea what could be wrong? What to check?


  • Sounds like you need a new drive motor.
  • Well I did take the motor apart and it looks brand new. Brushes great, commutator isn't burned or no signs of arking, looks new. I changed boards and still acts the same. Assuming the motor is ok, could there be anything in the ?? (can't think of the name) the control panel, where you program it. Speed, time, cal used etc. The metal hand grips have to have continuity. Don't know what affect on motor operation if you don't have a hold of them, but I didn't notice any change grabbing them or letting them go.
  • When you took the motor apart, did it seem like there was a lot of resistance when pulling the commutator out if not sounds like the magnets may be shoot.
  • The magnets were very strong. I had a heck of a time pulling the armature out. The magnets appear to to be plenty strong. I was scared that it would slam back and pinch my finger or cut it off.
  • Have you taken a amp draw test on the unit.
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