Gold's Gym Treadmill CrossTrainer 600 Belt stops when attempting to run on it.

I got this treadmill from someone else. I've looked online to try to determine the issue.
1). I've lubricated the deck with lubricant using the wand applicator which hasn't helped.
2). With the motor cover off. Stepping on the Belt causes the treadmill rollers to stop, and drive belt to stop.
3) With the Incline to 10, the belt does seem to run better and not stop while running/walking on it.
4) I attempted to stop the flywheel with a stick, but couldn't slow it down.
5) the Belt runs smoothly and no stutters or anything when no one else on belt.

Does it seem more so the belt, than anything else?
I inspected the belt and it doesn't seem bad or appear to be fraying, but it could be 2 years old or older i'm guessing.


  • When stepping on the belt and the front roller stops and so doe the drive belt , does drive motor also stop or does it continue to spin?
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    admin-it said:

    When stepping on the belt and the front roller stops and so doe the drive belt , does drive motor also stop or does it continue to spin?

    The Drive motor continues to spin along I think. There's 2 additional wheels besides the one attached to the drive belt(see picture). Those 2 wheels(with the arrows) continue to spin.
  • When the running belt stops, does the front roller stop and does the pulley on front roller continue to spin or does that stop spinning also.The reason I ask is that the front roller pulley should spin when roller does and not spin when roller is stopped. If pulley on front roller continues to spin when roller has stop then that means pulley has broken loose from front roller . which means the front roller would need to be replaced along with drive belt.
  • I re-labeled my photo with letters now.
    So when I step on the belt(F) and stop it. The Front Roller (E) stops, as does the Front Roller Pulley(A) and the Drive Belt (D). The Wheels (B) and (C) continue to Spin. There's Squeaking from friction at (G), i believe, when I stop the belt.
  • That tells me that your drive belt (D) needs to be tighten down more.
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    So if I tighten the Drive Belt.......would that completely stop the motor from spinning too?? a bit concerned about that.

    and by tightening the Drive belt, I'm assuming that means moving/adjusting the front roller position?
  • Actually, as I did more research. it looks like i can just adjust the drive belt tension by loosening two bolts on my motor. Though deciding on Tension seems variable mostly based on touch.
  • Should be able to twist drive belt back and fourth at about a 45 degrees know more or less
  • Tightening the Drive Belt worked....but now..

    when I run on the running belt, occasionally it will get "stuck" like a "stutter". I've lubricated the Deck.

    I'm debating whether the Drive Belt needs to be tightened a little more as i tried to do it myself and The Gold's Gym motor is set up so you have to step on it to increase tension on the belt OR the running belt itself is going bad and just needs to be replaced. I've tried to inspect the running belt, but it doesn't seem to be bad underneath in comparison to pictures i've seen on the internet.
  • the running belt seems to be better..I was running on it to see whether it was a particular spot or not. will keep looking to see if it crops up or not.
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