Proform Perspective 1.0LX works in calibration mode but not in regular mode

Model # PFTL91105

The basic problem is when I insert the key the treadmill turns on. The display lights up and it looks like it is ready to go. If i start it up the motor runs, the belt engages for about 3 seconds then it restarts. By restart i mean the screens go blank (but do not turn) then the info reappears and i can start it up again and the same thing happens.

if i turn it on, but do NOT start it, the same thing happens, it beeps, the screen goes blank and then it comes back on.

Here's what i have done so far:

1) Entered calibration mode. Interestingly it runs fine in calibration mode. the belt turns on and stays on. it was running a bit fast so i did take off the cover and calibrate it :)

2) while i had the cover off i checked all the connections and confirmed that the red light blinks steadily while the motor is engaged. I think this confirms communication between the MCB and the console?

I appreciate any help or insight. I'm very handy and am comfortable with fixing things on m own, but i don't know what i need to fix in this case!



  • The MC-2100 has a single test light. The meaning of the operation of the test light is:
    If light it off - the board has no detectable input AC power.
    If light is on and glowing solid - It is receiving AC power but no speed signal from the console.
    If light is on and blinking rapidly - AC power is present, it is receiving a speed signal and is outputting DC voltage.
    If light is on and blinking slowly around once per second - there is an amp problem with the treadmill. Usually this is a belt/deck friction problem.
    If light is on and blinking very slowly at a rate of on one second and off one second - the controller is dropping output voltage by design. It does this if the maximum current limit is exceeded and increased amp load does not maintain belt speed. The reason it is dropping output is to prevent damage to the system. This is usually a bearing seizing up or a bad belt/deck friction problem.

    sounds like it maybe in the controller
  • Thanks for the info on the light. Should the light be blinking when the treadmill is powered on but not running? When i put it into calibration mode and start up the belt it blinks rapidly and it continues to run. I have not tested to see if it will continue long term but it runs for at least a few minutes.

    When i turn it on in regular mode (not entering calibration) and start increasing the speed the motor engages, the light blinks rapidly and then the entire system resets. I am assuming it is the MCB but $150+ is a lot of money to spend to find out i am wrong!

    I admit, i have considered just putting it in calibration mode and going for a run. won't be able to change speed but at least i can still get in a workout!
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    I think my motor control board needs replaced. I am not a circuit board genius so i don't know what parts are called, but i attached a picture. long rectangular white things was very warm to the touch after the treadmill was plugged in for several hours and i almost burned myself on it after i did some trouble shooting which included turning the machine on. Is that normal?

    Before i spend money on a new control board, does this reed switch look okay? it doesn't even seem to line up with the magnet at all? i can adjust the distance easily but can't really seem to do anything about the height. the console does display a speed during calibration.

    Thanks again!

  • Follow up in case anyone comes across this while searching to fix their own treadmill problem. After much online reading I decided to buy a new MCB. BUT, there was one thing left to check before i did so,the connection between the console and the MCB. So i found the connection and re-seated it and all appears to be working now. Going to go for a run and see if it keeps on keeping on.
  • Good luck
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