Nordictrack C2200 Treadmill - Walking belt and motor stopping

My treadmill is about 15 years old and has not been used a lot. But has been a good treadmill.
The last several months I have been just walking on it 3.2 mph for about 45 minutes. Noticed about a month ago, about 30 minutes into a 45 minute walk I would get a random clicking noise. Could not figure out the source as it was random.
During other trouble-shooing I realized I had not lubed the walking belt recently. So purchased 100% silicon and lubed the walking belt. However, that made no difference on the random clicking noise.
The motor / controller cover has been removed for trouble-shooting.
In the last few days...about 2 minutes into a walk, all of a sudden the walking belt stopped. I stepped off the belt and it slowly started back up again and got up to speed. I started walking again and the belt stopped right away again. I noticed the motor pully and the drive belt stopped when the walking belt stopped.
I did lube the walking belt again, but that did not make a difference on the belt stopping. I did look under the belt at the top of the deck and did not see any wood showing, just the normal black deck surface.
I took the motor off and took it to a local, trusted, electric shop. They checked it over and said all is good on the motor.
What is my next step in trouble-shooting my walking belt stopping?


  • Hi Kevin, I'm searching for the exact same problem. My C2200 just stop after 20 secs on it. My wife can run on it without problem (150 pounds) but when I tried to walk on it (180 pounds), the belt suddently stops.

    I have tested my motor with a DC battery, and the motor runs. I have changed my motor belt for a new one. I have calibrated the treadmill speed using the potentiometer to 16.0 kmh (10mph). I have lubricated the belt ( I've just put almost 2oz of lubricant). I have tried to loosen the belt until it slip...and tighten it just a little bit. I've connected the treadmill on a 20 amp...and nothing changed.

    My motor pulley and the drive belt stopped too when the walking belt stopped...

    I'm just wondering if it's just the motor that's is getting weak..
  • hey and good morning - can you check the wires for 8-12v as sounds like the motors in both are good...

    When the running belt stops and Drive Motor & Drive Belt continues to spin does the entire front roller rotate?

    If just the pulley on the front roller continues to spin, then you will need to replace the entire front roller.
  • Hello there
    Have you reached any conclusion? I have a very similar problem.
    Many thanks
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    Thanks admin-it! Do you have any advice to check the 8-12v or tutorial? Thank a lot!

    Do you think the problem may be the walking belt? I've take a picture of the underside of it.
  • admin-it
    When the walking belt stops on mine the drive belt stops and so does the motor and thus the front roller stops as well.
    I will check the power from the controller board to the motor this weekend, looking for the 8-12v to power the motor.
  • Hello Kry99. It looks like I have the exact same problem. Let me know how you get on with the VDC test.
    Many Thanks
  • davedube87 that belt needs replacing - when you get stripes like that show it is getting bad!
  • Thank admin-it!
  • Sorry for the delay, had some family priorities to take care of.
    Just got the motor mounted back on the treadmill.
    I put my volt meter on the black and red wire connectors on the logic board. Had my wife change speeds on the treadmill while I watch my volt meter. Checking for V DC... at the slower speeds (2-3 mph) and had less than 5 VDC going through. When I had her change the speed to 7 mph, I got 12 VDC.
    Played with the speeds some while watching the voltage. Definitely saw less than 8 VDC on speeds of 5 mph or less.

    So....bad logic board?
  • Yes I had the motor hooked back up to the logic board. The black and red wires from the motor is what I was checking on.
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    I did loosen the walking belt about 20 turns on each side so I could pick up the belt. The deck still looks really good, but was not really slippery at al. I did not see the lines on the bottom of the belt like davedub87's picture. I was starting to see some faint lines. I did put 2-3 oz of silicon on the deck and tightened up the belt part way. I started the treadmill running slow and just used my hands to put pressure on the belt to spread out the silicon. I finished tightening the belt and did the same with my hands. I noticed at 1 mph I was able to slow down the treadmill with just my hands. I could also grab the belt at the back roller with my hands and stop the walking belt, drive belt and motor.
    I tried a walking test at 2.4 mph. I was okay for 3-5 seconds then the treadmill started to slow down, then it stopped. I stepped off and it slowly started up ran itself up to 3.6 mph before coming back down to 2.4 mph on its own.
    I repeated this test at 3.2 mph with similar results.
    I did also watch the red LED on the controller board. When first plugging the power into the wall I got a solid red light. When starting the treadmill at the 2.4 mph I got a fast blinking light. When the walking belt, drive belt and motor stopped I had a slow single blink about every one second or so. Once turning off the treadmill everything seemed to reset and go back to normal for the light.
    I also noticed the white block that sticks out on the controller board was so HOT I could not touch it. I will attempt to include a picture of that while block on the control board with a red circle around it in the picture.

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    Won't let me save the link for the picture.
  • I did loosen the walking belt about 20 turns on each side so I could pick up the belt. The deck still looks really g
  • That white will always get super with a gold belt or worn belt. Really sounds like your motor is weak and you have a worn walking belt.
  • Thanks admin-it
  • Update March 23
    I have replaced the walking belt and replaced the drive belt. Lubricated the walking belt well and started testing. The first 3-5 minutes the treadmill worked pretty well. Then back to the original problem. All of a sudden the belt stops, you step off and it starts up again....start walking again...and it stops again.

    So now is it the circuit board?
  • Really sounds like a weak motor, try starting it and run it to 2.0mph and with hood cover off try to put pressure against flywheel and see if you can stop it. if you can pretty easy then its a motor.
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