Old workhorse trying to die

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I have an ancient Proform Image 10.0. It's probably a 2004 model and has a million miles on it. I refuse to give up on it. It's developed an issue that I think is related to the power supply board. When in use, sporadically the dashboard will start screaming displaying all 9s and everything stops. If I put pressure on the transformer, it will reset. Unfortunately, I am finding that replacement boards are no longer available. I tried to solder a tiny bit to secure the transformer (thinking that the impact was moving the transformer), but no luck. I was too scared to do too much. Anyone have any experience with such? It's done it's duty, but I can't help but think it's simple. Appreciate any help for my old friend. TIA.


  • hey good morning!
    let's see if we can find one!
    what is your complete model number?
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