Problem with my Xterra TR 6.8

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A couple days ago I was running on my treadmill at 7.5mph when it abruptly stopped, the display kept going for another 5 to 10 sec until it displayed an LS code (low Speed). I've had the treadmill for nearly 5 years, motor has a lifetime warranty, the deck and parts are just within warranty but labor is not so I'm trying to figure out what exactly the issue is to see if it will be cheaper to pay for the parts and fix it myself.

The belt does not turn unless I restart the treadmill by turning the power switch off then back on, or by unplugging and plugging the in treadmill. Once I do that the treadmill starts with no problem until I actually walk on the belt, that's when the treadmill instantly slows down until I hear something trip at the circuit board and it completely stops, again display keeps going until the LS code pops up, never had this issue until it completely stopped on me a couple days ago. I've inspected the deck and there's definitely imperfections, feels likes there's a bunch of small cracks all along the middle walking area. the belt may also need replacement, there's no fraying at the edges but the inside walking area feels smooth, almost like plastic, while the areas closer the edges feel a bit more like cloth. I believe that the motor may also have a problem because when I try to walk on outer edges of the belt where the deck and belt are not so worn it will still stop, although it does take a bit longer.

The treadmill only gets used maybe 4 months out of the year, mostly during winter and summer but has gotten a lot of use these past few months during the corona virus. I've lubed the deck every time the "lube" indicator showed up on the display but I think the lube may have dried up when the treadmill wasn't being used for months.


  • Sounds like the walking belt is worn, when was the last time you lube the belt?
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