Pacemaster Elite Gold VR Error Code 425

My Pacemaster Treadmill threw an Err 425 code today. I removed the motor cover and did a motor check with a drill battery and discovered the motor would run but roughly and with some noise. I removed the motor from the treadmill to discover that the negative brush spring had over heated and collapsed and was not providing any spring tension to the brush. I cut the wire and removed and replaced the spring with a new one, re-soldered the wire back together and shrink wrapped the repair. I reinstalled the motor after a battery test and adjusted the drive belt tension and now the unit it is back 100% Has anyone else had this issue? I bring it up because the replacement motor is $299.00 and the replacement spring was 96 cents . I also used some contact cleaner and a bit of crocus cloth on the commutator of the motor but the whole job was under $5.00


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