NordicTrack C2300 restarting incessantly

I have a slightly used NorticTrack C2300 that suddenly after sitting in the house idle will not start properly. The lights come one but the treadmill restarts after two seconds and continues restarting again and again. I've tried several outlets near and far that all check out with an outlet tester. After attaching the red key, if I press start during startup the tread moves for about two seconds and then shutdown with the perpetual restart. If I press the fan button it will run for a couple of seconds similarly. Thank you in advance for sharing any direct knowledge of the problem. I'm hopeful that I can avoid a trial and error approach to the solution. I made a video of the rebooting display on Youtube,


  • Sounds like you have a issue with your console.
  • Thanks replying, any thoughts regarding a course of action would be appreciated. james2che
  • I would need the complete model number off your unit to see if console is available.
  • we have an old manual showing model 'NTL 12905.0' but we're not 100% where the manual came from, not sure if it was downloaded or acquired when purchased used. I would like to share some photos and an image from the manual, but not sure how. Curiously the manual does not depict the same treadmill legs in my photo.
  • That console is no longer available for that unit.
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