Nordic Track XT 1500 - Belt gets stuck on the platform

My belt gets stuck on the platform as I walk.
I have tried lubricating underneath the belt between belt and the platform - DID NOT HELP
I have also tightened the belt - DID NOT HELP

Can you please please help me solve this.


  • It may not be the running belt that is slipping, it could be a drive belt or drive roller may have broken loose. Try these steps below.
  • My comments below:

    Here are a few things you can look into to see why your running belt is stopping when you walk on treadmill.
    • Let’s remove the hood cover on your treadmill.
    • Now run the treadmill at 2.5mph with no one on it and see how it runs.
    • Now go ahead and step onto the belt and see what happens.
    1st Few things to look at when you’re running belt stops.
    A) When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor also stop? NO
    B) If yes then it could be a weak Drive Motor or bad Motor Controller.
    2nd When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor continue to run and also does the drive belt continue to run?
    A) If the Drive motor still runs and Drive Belt does not then you will need to tighten down the Drive Belt or replace the Drive Belt. NO
    3rd When the running belt stops and Drive Motor & Drive Belt continues to spin does the entire front roller rotate? NO
    A) If the entire front roller continues to spin then you will need to adjust running belt.
    B) If just the pulley on the front roller continues to spin, then you will need to replace the entire front roller. YES
    This should help you trouble shoot exactly what is wrong with your treadmill, and remember to lube your Running Belt & Deck every 6 months.

    From above, it looks like I have to change the entire front roller. Any word on changing the drive belt or pulley?
  • What is your complete model number off the treadmill?
  • Model No. NTL14908.0
  • The front roller is $99.99 plus $6.99 shipping, to order please call me at 888-800-1167 then press ext 331 and ask for Jim.
  • What about the belt? I would like to replace it too.
  • The Walking Belt is $99.99 and the Drive Belt is $39.99 not sure which one you were asking about.
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