NORDICTRACK CONSOLE UNRESPONSIVE - only 1, 7 and speed down buttons work (NordicTrack C2050)

I've seen examples online of this same exact symptom. Interesting that it's exactly these buttons. Nothing else works, not even the fans. I would just like to get an agreement that it's probably the whole console electronics that need replacing. I've replaced the belt, board and even roller bearings successfully but this thing is some 15 years old so the idea of a new treadmill is starting to sound pretty good. I suppose with luck I could get a used console for $100 at some point on fleabay but don't want to wait for that. Really I just need to hear there are NOT any likely culprits inside the console I should take a stab at... thx


  • I would take console apart unplug ribbon cable that goes from key pad to PCB and the clean the ends and then plug back in and see if it works.
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