Moisture problems with keyboard?

I have a NordicTrac C2200 from around 2002. It has always worked well for the limited use it has had. We decided to start using it more recently but it was very dusty. It was cleaned thoroughly with cleaners on the outside (maybe too much) and now does not work. Lights come on the console but pressing the start and incline and speed buttons beep but nothing happens. Took the console apart and cleaned the inside dust and cleaned and checked connectors. Still does not work. Watched a nice youtube video where it was due to moisture getting into the keypad. I peeled off the keypad and there is black where the main connector comes into the keypad. Is this due to moisture and could this be the problem? Can I just clean this wih contact cleaner? I was trying to post some pictures but they would not paste.


  • Try using contact cleaner and see if that helps. Do you have the complete model number its located on a sticker down on the frame close to the floor when you fold unit up. Also you can look under the hood cover and there is a piece of paper inside a envelope that has the model number on the paper.
  • NTL-11920. Can you tell me how to upload pictures to the site? I won't let me paste them into the message.
  • Just emailed them over to
  • Cleaned the console and board connections. I sent several pictures to admin. Put it back together. Now incline and speed work as well as fans and pulse but the start and stop buttons do not functions. They don't even beep. I thought maybe it was the ribbon connector for the start/stop buttons but cleaned that and inserted it back in and nothing. Any suggestions?
  • Sounds like the issue is in console and they are no longer available. we do offer a treadmill rescue kit below which will work.
    Treadmill Rescue Kit
    Here is something that we design for customers who need a console but find the consoles are no longer available, works on any treadmill if the Drive Motor still works.

    Speed is 0 to 10mph
    Unit will allow unit to incline, but will not show incline levels.

    Includes the Following and is price at $299.99 plus $12.99

    1. New Display
    2. New Motor Controller
    3. New Wire Harness
    4. New Speed Sensor
    5. New Safety Key
    How to install the Treadmill Rescue Kit-

    To order please call me 888-362-1105 then enter Ext 331 and ask for Jim or email at
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