Congratulate Previous Exclusive Dealer Weekly WINNERS

edited August 2023 in Dealer News
07/24/23 Matt K. of FitRev
07/17/23 Logan W. of Fitness Equip Repair Missouri
07/12/23 Kenn M. of Jaken Medical
06/27/23 Joe C. of Gym Doctor' LLC 
06/19/23 Donald H. of Triangle Area Services
06/12/23 Dragon Fly Fitness Arnon T. of Dragon Fly Fitness
06/05/23 Thomas F. of Fitness Machine Technicians
05/22/23 Fred B. of Fitness Machine Technicians 
05/15/23 Alex P. of Fitness Machine Technicians
05/08/23 Paul G. of Fitness Equipment Eugene
05/01/23 Amanda J. of Fitness One 


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