Incline leaking fluid and making walking belt slippery

I started using my treadmill after a year had passed. I noticed the walking belt was very slippery when trying to walk on it. The belt didn't slip but the surface was slippery. I wiped it down good with a warm, soapy solution and dried it thoroughly. I thought that did the trick but then after 15 min or so I noticed the surface was slippery again. I feel like it's tracking grease/oil from somewhere. Could it be hydraulic fluid leaking from the incline motor? The incline was working but I just used the incline and it eventually fizzled out on my after making some odd noises. Is it possible the fluid was slowly leaking out onto the belt until the motor finally quit? It's a Nordictrack T5.7 treadmill purchased in 2012. It has many good parts on it still because I didn't use it a lot. I don't know if it's worth repairing. Any advice? Does anyone buy these for parts?


  • The incline motor has no fluid inside it, its worth fixing they are good unit.
  • I have this exact same problem with a Sole F80 treadmill. I can’t find the source of the grease but have spots of grease appearing all over the belt in the centre of the belt. Where could this be coming from as don’t think it’s lube as had the problem before and after I last lubed the belt. Also, the problem seams to be getting worse.
  • Could be that the belt is so worn that when you lube it the lube is coming up thre thr belt.
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