Spirit XT485 Treadmill reboots/shuts off while walking on it

Our XT485 shuts off and/or reboots while walking on it. When you're not walking on it you can run it at full speed/low speed just fine. The front roller was noisy so we've replaced that, relubricated the deck and belt and it was fine for almost a week. Now it's back to shutting down while walking on it. The power coming into the treadmill never shuts off as indicated by the red power rocker switch on the front. It will always restart immediately without fail. Spirit is sending us a new control board but rather than throw parts at it, are there any diagnostics that I can check on the board? There are red LED's on the main board but when this happens that entire board goes dead with no lights until you either reset the power switch or it reboots on its own. The console never displays any error codes. Is there a real service manual for this or anything I can check voltage or amperage wise to determine WHY it's shutting off or is the procedure just to throw parts at the problem and hoping? Thanks!


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