Sole s77 incline problem

Hi All,

I purchased my Sole S77 from Costco in the summer of 2021 thinking I was getting the best of both world (reliability/customer service from Sole and Costco). I ended up using it sparingly but have used it more often over the last year. Today I set the incline to 10 and started ramping up the speed beyond my normal (I usually stick to 3.5 at this incline) when suddenly the deck fell to the bottom position. Now the incline feature no longer works. I can hear the incline motor making noise when I set an incline or when it resets after stopping. I assume the incline motor needs replacement but I don't know for sure. Does anyone have a similar experience or advice?


  • The first thing I would do is take the motor cover off. If the tread deck just fell, more likely than not, something broke or a bolt came out.
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