Are reed switches all the same or are treadmill reed switches "special"?

It looks like it's cheaper for me to purchase a made in USA reed switch than a god knows where it's made reed switch and simply wire it with tiny wire nuts. Are all reed switches the same?

Are treadmill reed switches normally open?

Can I replace the cheap magnet with a rare earth magnet? Will it improve reading performance?

Treadmill replacement reed switch:



  • They are, just different shapes and they are normally open. I don't think a rare earth magnet is necessary though.
  • Thanks for confirming that they are normally open. I replaced it with the wide gap one above and added a rare earth magnet on top of the original magnet. Reed switch fixed the console not displaying time, speed, distance and calories burned. I can understand that it's needed for the last 3 but don't understand why a reed switch is required for keeping time.
  • I don't think it directly is responsible for keeping time. just that fact that when the magnet is in place it activates the console.
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