Endurance ct7 - error code 7

Good morning All.
I have my treadmill and its now throwing this code..
When you power up the treadmill, you hear one click then another and see the light come on the internal board.
Just shows err7. Ive checked as much as i can.
The incline motor isnt seized or bound up. Spins freely.
Potentiometer on the inclinde motor also works i believe.. post test.

Any advice is most appreciated.



  • Does the walking belt move or try to move at all?
  • It does try and stops very shortly after. (Talking a couple seconds)
  • That is a motor controller failure.
  • There are instances where if i leave it too long before pressing start it throws the err7
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate. The lower board and the upper board can't communicate because of the lower board is bad.
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