Proform 2000 squeaking from either the drive belt or roller

Hello all - I'm hoping to get some help with a squeak from either the drive belt or the roller. I've pinpointed the noise with the cover off after my routine maintenance/cleaning. It's got 1250 lifetime miles on it as of this posting.

The squeaking is quite rhythmic & at first I assumed it was the walking belt, which I lube up around once a month. I also adjusted the rollers/belt tension and it's still present. It's definitely in relation to the speed of the belt as well.

The squeaking starts as soon as the treadmill starts. It used to only last for around 30-45 seconds and then went away. However, now it's present for approximately 4-5 minutes before it stops.

I've included a link to a video I posted on YouTube of the noise. Hoping I can get some guidance here.

This forum has been quite helpful for me in the past, as well as Kevin C who emailed me in the past to help. Hoping to get some direction so I can make another repair and put some more miles on my treadmill.


  • it's hard to tell from the video but make sure the drive belt is aligned on both pulleys. if it's off 1 groove it can do that. a little belt dressing should help here.
  • Thanks @KevinC - I'll try some belt dressing as there did seem to be some rubber shavings to clean up. What is approximately the life on these things (the drive belt) if you know?
  • I recommend replacing them with the walking belt. about 4-6 years.
  • Thanks so much - Lubing the drive belt fixed the noise. I appreciate it!
  • You're welcome
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