So - Nordic 1500CM - front roller fix - did I screw it up or is there something new?


NordicTrack 1500CM

The front belt was came off and I noticed the plastic pulley on the front roller had slid way over. After consulting Treadmill Dr. and Youtube I decided to take a mallet and tap it over. Then I drilled four holes right down the center of the pulley and screwed in some recessed screws afterwhich I epoxied them in place.

The intent was to stop the pulley from shifting in the future and the screws were glued into place to stop them for coming lose.

Now - when I used the machine, the speed is way off - often too fast. It fluctuates up and down. The display reading fluctuates or reads zero at low speeds 2mph-4mph (I cant remember what happens at fast speeds=6mph+). I went into calibration mode and that didnt work - mainly because I couldnt find details on what everything does.

I didnot mess with the controller board or its potentiometer. (All I did was vacuum the dust out the whole main area)

So - Im wondering if the screws (which were metal) are messing up the speed sensor and I need a new roller - or do I have a symptom of another problem all-together.

Thanks for reading.



  • check to verify that the sensor is about an 1/8 of an inch away from the magnet on the front pulley and verify that the magnet is still in place.
  • Yes - that was the problem. The sensor got bumped at one point was set too far away. Moved it to 1/8" and it works like a champ.
    Thanks for your help.
  • glad to hear it.
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