Nordicktrack Commercial 1750 4 blinks

I have had this treadmill since 2016 and it broke in 2021 and am now just trying to repair it. My treadmill powers on fine, the elevation controlls seem to work fine but when I try to start the belt it now stops right away and it has 4 blinks on the controller.

I was reading that it means it's the controller board but I will also say that before it got to this point, it would first work for a while and then, depending on fast I was going it might begin to "stutter" and then eventually shut down. I would wait a few minutes and it might work again for a few minutes and then shut down again. Not knowing anything I though maybe it was a temperature thing but I figured something was wrong. Then my kids and wife would just use it for walking and that seemed to be fine for walking speed but again after a while it might shut down. Eventually we shut it off and I bought an exercise bike but now I want to try and fix the treadmill.

So even though 4 blinks might indicate bad controller board my question is based on what led up to the belt being totally dead can it be other things? I would assume a controller board either works or doesn't work unlike a motor which may graduallly start to fail? I want to try and avoid replacing one part if there are other parts that may cause the new part to break again prematurely. Thanks!


  • This is a failed controller but they usually fail because of repeated overheating. That is caused by a worn walking belt or one that needs lubrication. How old is the belt? Have you lubricated it?
  • I never lubricated it and just bought lubrication but it's now too late lol. Is there any way to rule out if it is a bad motor too? I guess I wouldn't be as worried if I knew whether or not a bad motor would cause the controller to fail. That way if I buy a new controller I at least know it is the belt I have to worry about going forward and not the motor necessarily. Thanks
  • you can test the motor with a cordless drill battery.
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