Nordictrack commercial 2950 belt bogging down

Hello all. Just this week, my belt began to bog down a I started my run. It had not been used for a few days. I then tried at a lower speed and attempted at 3mph and same thing. I started troubleshooting using some recommendations from this forum's youtube channel to see if it's the motor and at this point I am unsure. When I put the treadmill at 3 mph and stop the belt with my foot, both the flywheel and roller stop. I have also lubricated the belt and platform as well as attempting to tighten the belt a bit. Same results. Any recommendations or suggestions for me to troubleshoot? I know this unit does have a lifetime warranty on the motor if that is the issue. Your help appreciated.


  • I just did an AC Amp test as my amp meter does not have for DC. I set the treadmill to 3 mph, around 1.2 amps. I began walking on it, and amps increase to about 2amps but since treadmill is beginning to slow down, it does not go any higher.
  • This is most likely a failed motor controller. can you get me the model number of the machine?
  • Good day. The model of the machine is an NordicTrack NTL22114.0. Is there a way to test the motor controller? Thanks for getting back to me.
  • just by ruling out the motor and other parts. The fact that it runs tells us the motor is fine. and the console too because it responds. but when the belt slows to a stop and the motor stops too, that tells me the controller is able to supply the motor with enough voltage to keep it running.
    Here is a link to the controller;
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  • Thank you Kevin. I actually came across a video that explains the LED blink patterns of the controller board. Mine starts up just fine and once the belt slows down, there is only one blink and a pause. My understanding from the video is that the controller board has entered fold back mode. Doesn't this mean that the controller board is fine and the problem is either the motor; belt needing replacement or needing further lubrication?

    Just want to confirm before I purchase a board and the issue remains after replacement. Thanks again
  • That's the controller.
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