Proform Performance 750 Treadmill - SB Mode and Factory Reset

Hello Everyone

I have a Proform Performance 750 Treadmill.

It has not been used in about 1 month and now gone to use it, there is an issue. It was working all fine previously.

When it turns on, it shows SB on the screen and then goes to the usual screen features but nothing then will operate. If you press buttons it recognises the buttons are being pressed by the normal beep but nothing is then actioned. In pressing random buttons I was able to get the mat rolling fine but then couid not get it to stop unless the safety key was pulled out.

I’ve tried plug/unplug electrical cord and also switch on/off whilst electrical cord plugged in.

Also I’ve looked right through the owner manual and there is no indication of what to do or where the factory reset pinhole is. The only item in the user manual is an incline recalibration key sequence.

The LCD screen appears fine in that no dead pixels or dead buttons are apparent.

A factory reset will probably fix it. I am unable to locate the factory reset pinhole (yes looked in all the usual places).

Is anybody able to please assist with:

1) locating the factory reset pinhole: can you tell me where it is?

2) any suggestions on the overall issue?

I would be very grateful of any assistance. Thanks for your time.

Information about the treadmill and a picture are here:


  • SB most likely means stuck button. there is no reset on this. Try massaging around all the buttons to see if you can get it to relax. if there are handle bar buttons, check them too.
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