GoPlus Superfit Treadmill Won't Go Above 4 KM/H (2MPH)

This treadmill is designed to go 4 km/h (2mph) when folded and 12 km/h (7.5mph) in the upright position. It used to work fine but suddenly it won't go above 4 KM/H in the upright position. Can it be fixed?


  • Check to make sure the belt isn't too tight. This could be a motor controller issue if the belt isn't too tight.
  • At one point the belt was so loose it was slipping. I had to oil it and tighten it. But in either case it would not go above 4 km/her. I wish I knew where the switch is that allows the treadmill to go above 4 km/hr in the upright position.
  • unfortunately, I don't have any of that info.
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