NordicTrack 1750 New Controller Wiring Changes

I have a question on the upgraded MC-2100 controller in my NordicTrack Commercial 1750 and the blue wires. The new controller came with a jumper wire between CB1 and CB1A on the board and instructions discussed wiring them up from the drive motor harness.

My particular treadmill had one blue wire going to the power switch and one on the controller board. I re-wired it that way leaving the jumper. Is it better to keep it like this, or move the hot wire on to the hot input on the controller and move the two blue wires to CB1 and CB1A (removing the jumper of course)?

And as feedback, it would have been helpful if this bit of knowledge for this type of wiring setup was part of the documentation. Because the wiring of the blue wires was in bold in the instructions made it seem very important giving me pause before flipping the power back on.


  • you are correct in leaving the red jumper in place.
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