PaceMaster Gold Elite - ERR in Timer field

Hi – My problem is with a PaceMaster Gold Elite (not the folding model). When ending a 40-minute walk recently and hitting the Stop button, rather than lowering the incline and slowing to a stop, it stopped abruptly and displayed ERR in the Timer field. Now, when I restart it, it runs for a few seconds, then stops and again displays ERR. I removed the motor belt, and the response is the same, so that should eliminate the walking deck as the problem. I’m thinking it’s an electrical issue; probably something on the circuit board. Any suggestions would be welcomed.


  • This is a failed motor controller. You can check/clean the speed sensor to be sure. but most likely, the controller has failed based on your description of how it quit. unfortunately, the controllers are no longer available. The only fix I have for this one is our Treadmill Rescue kit. unless you can get that controller fixed or find a used on somewhere there isn't a lot I can do.
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  • It turned out to be the speed sensor. Cleaned it up and the treadmill is working perfectly again. Thanks so much!
  • You're welcome
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