X11i Computer Stuck

With reset I can get to screen showing World, Widget menu and internet. When I try to load Ifit.io/21823, it tells me my connection is not secure.
Manual is unresponsive.
10-time x 10-time screen tap unresponsive.
No paperclip reset hole. Only off / reset switch.
Speed / + Unresponsive
Not current with IFit subscription

At this point, I got more of a workout moving it then using it.
Shheeeesh !!!!


  • I see this a lot with these. try this, make sure all bluetooth devices and wifi devices that are near the machine are all off except for the treadmill and your main wifi.
  • BubBub
    edited June 21
    Thank you for your response.
    I'll try it.
  • good luck
  • No luck.
  • Usually this means that the console needs to be replace. Seems there is a software/firmware issue. can you get me the model number? I'll check for an update for this one.
  • NTL24015.1
  • I would reach out to ICON. their website still lists a console reprogramming SD card.
    it is currently listed as out of stock but I would reach out to them anyway.
    The only other option I have is our Treadmill Rescue Kit.
    Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 10% discount (10offkevin)
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