Cybex 750T wont load display

I have this treadmill for about 2 years, and this problem just appears out of nowhere..
so i lost electricity in home and when it comes back the treadmill wont show display or even load anything, last time when that happened i was just moving a little bit COMM cabel and it was working again.. now it doesn’t help, i was trying for 3 hours moving cabel and it’s not about cabel because i used new one.. and when i turn on treadmill the diodes that glow is: Extrenal Power, and when i plug in Comm cabel the Console Power glow also in green.. but the two left nothing: Transmit (tx) and reciever (RX).. so I don’t know what’s the problem i was trying to open drive box and see if something is wrong but nothing seemed like is problem inside, at least how much i was able to see… if someone know what can be the problem I would really appreciate that…
Again when i was moving a little bit COMM cabel the two diodes was turned on and display worked as usually for 2 months and now it doesn’t help..


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