WalkingPad P1 vibrating

I purchased a WalkingPad Folding Treadmill P1 and received it last October. It worked great for a few months but then starting around January I've been having problems with it.

When I'm walking on it i feel it vibrating. It's more of a feeling but it does sound different, but its hard to capture on video. I've contacted support about it, while they have tried to help it's been unsuccessful. The suggestions they say are to ensure the belt is centered, it is tight enough and lube it.

The belt looks centered to me, they have a picture and height recommendations to ensure it is tight enough (which it appears to be). I've added lube, but honestly not sure how to tell if it needs more, or if I've added too much (i believe they recommended 1 drop).

I have a pet dog, so i thought it might have been clogged with hair. I took it apart (the front) but didnt find any hair. I did notice that the back roller starts to build up some fibers. Not sure if it's dog hair or part of the belt. I've wiped it away but still comes back.

Any suggestions on what to check? I could take the bottom apart to see if that roller has any hair build up


  • 1 drop is nowhere near enough. We recommend 1 oz per application. if there are fibers on the roller, that's another indicator that it's not getting enough lubricant. I would loosen that belt and thoroughly blow out under the belt and inspect it for damage. Then, I would lubricate it really good 2 or 3 times over the course of 24 hours.
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