Life Fitness 95Te - Glitchy Control Problems - Can someone help with fault diagnosis?

Hello to all

I've got an LF 95Te, which has been running perfectly for years! I went out to use it this afternoon, and some of the surrounding touch-panel controls have gone a little haywire. This machine is the version with the 7" colour touchscreen.

In short, I can just about control and use the machine from the touchscreen alone. This was intially very glitchy (non-responsive to a lot of the touches, but improved over the course of about an hour). The main motor works fine. The lift motor works fine.

HOWEVER (!) - if you start a run session with say the "Quick Start" button on the screen and get the belt rolling at 2.4kph, if you were to press the "DOWN" (incline) button on the Activity panel on the Ergobar, the belt speed (and speed on the touchscreen) jumps to 6kph and then is largely unalterable.

The same odd behaviour occurs if you were to press the "DOWN" (speed) button on the Ergobar - it jumps straight to 6kph, and then stops responding.

You can press the Speed number on the touchscreen and manually enter the speed that you wish within the touchscreen panel, and it will then change to this speed. You can also control the incline normally, in the same way, from the touchscreen.

For some reason, the Ergobar and touchpanels that surround the touchscreen have gone nuts!

Are there any techs out there that might have seen this behaviour before, and can indicate what electronics board/s might be at fault here? I'm guessing that the main board is probably fine, and that it's likely to be one of the 5 or 6 smaller boards that is screwed to the back of the touchscreen on the rear of the main console?

Many thanks indeed for any replies!


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