S22i NordiacTrack resistance issue

I recently purchased an S22i NordicTrack exercise bike semi-used. Worked great for a while but now the resistance is not working. Has anyone experience the same issue with the resistance function. I see the magnet moving when you first start up the bike, but it will not work after start up.


  • Sounds like a resistance motor.
  • Thank you for responding and appreciate any suggestions. When the bike is turned-on I see the motor for the magnet resets itself. If it is moving would it still be the motor? I tried a new communications pcb, but still has the same issue.
    When you increase or decrease the resistance you can see the display reflect the value, but no movement on the motor.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Resistance motor is bad.
  • OK. Thanks.. Would you happen to know what part number I should order to replace
  • Here is the part # 241949 you will need. We don't have your unit listed ,but any unit using that part number will work. You can put this discount code 2158222590 in the Discount box on the checkout page where you put in you billing and shipping information into and receive 10% off your parts order.
  • Hello, I bought a S22i Nordictrack bycle two months ago from Dick's sporting goods and the resistance stop working, the circuit board is flashing green and red simultaneously, I checked the videos but I don't know sure, any help
  • what is the model number of the S22i?
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