Slipping belt

I have a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill which I've had for 4 years without an issue. The treadmill began slipping and it was adjusted but the problem still occurred. A Nordic Track tech came to my home and replaced the motor and controller card. I do have the extended warranty. The issue began happening again but this time it seemed to cause an arc-fault. I removed the two surge protectors on the circuit which seems to have corrected the false arc-fault but the slipping is still occurring. I had an electrician come over and he checked the circuit and found no issues. I did have the outlet replaced and replaced the circuit breaker itself. Now, this is where it is getting frustrating. I plugged the treadmill into another circuit and it runs fine. Both circuits are 20 amp which is quite sufficient. When I use the treadmill nothing else is being used on the circuits. You would think that the issue would cause the problem when you first startup which is when the maximum is being used. My issue starts after 5 to 10 minutes but again on only one circuit which is the one the electrician checked. I am at a loss. I need to use an extension cord which is rated at 20 amps to plug into the circuit that works but I shouldn't have to. To sum up, the treadmill slips a lot even after the belt is adjusted but only on one circuit, and that is the circuit that was checked by the electrician. Any ideas? Thank you.


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