Treadmill Motor Board Replacement

Hi everyone,
I have a question about my Nordic Track A2750 Pro. I had an issue recently with the motor control board that shorted. The motor control board model is MC2100LTS-30. The treadmill would turn on,, but when I go to start the workout the signal to the motor is shorted with the red signal light off on the board. I went ahead and got another board off of another treadmill. The board model is MC2100SDI-12. I connected everything and ithe only issue is the speed can't be controlled. I calibrated the treadmill and still no luck. As soon as I go into a workout it goes full speed. I'm wondering if I wired the thermal switch wrong. The speed sensor works from what I can tell from the calibration menu. I'm trying to lower the speed on the board as well with the screw on the board. Apologies if for my lack of knowledge on the names of certain parts. I was donated this treadmill so I'm just starting to learn the tech side. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!!


  • This sounds as if the replacement controller is suspect. can you get me the specific model number of the machine?
  • Thanks for responding Kevin,
    The model for the treadmill I'm trying to fix is the Nordic Track A2750 Pro Treadmill part number 289470 and I got the other motor controll board from a Image 15.5s IMTL39606 part number 241517 (according to the voltage diagram).
  • here is a link for the replacement controller;
    Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
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