Nordictrack C2450 Belt Not working

My Nordictrack C2450 abruptly quit on me during a workout today. The belt just stopped moving. The console continued to work. I performed the following actions:

1. Turned off then on. Following this when I did a manual start the belt started at a high speed and stopped after one second.
2. I tried a factory reset without success.
3. I then removed the motor cover. When I hit the start button the belt did not move at all. The solid red light on the controller then flashed 4 times, paused and continued this pattern. The control board maintained a solid green light throughout.
4. I next bypassed the controller and ran the motor off a battery. The belt moved no issues.
5. I can back later in the day and tried again. It started at a high speed for one second then abruptly quit and the entire system turned off and then came back on.

The model number is NTL17219.1


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