Reebok 910 Speed Problem

Hi. So happy I found this forum.
I have a Reebok 910 (in Canada) and I've had this problem for a while now. When walking on a typical level (2.7-3.3mph) the unit slows down after about 15-20 mins to a very slow level. Power cycling doesn't help the problem. At some points it slows only a little and then tries to overcompensate and then it starts to go too fast. It works well 75% of the time and then it becomes tough to maintain a proper speed. Jacking the motor up to 11 or 12 does work, but moving it back down to the desired speed is still too slow. I tried lubricating the deck with silicon spray but it hasn't helped.
It does feel like there's more friction between the belt and deck than say a commercial unit at a gym.
Appreciate any thoughts.


  • it's time for a new walking belt. do you have the model number of the 910?
  • Are there any other tests I can perform to test the belt?
    Another symptom I've noticed is that it runs with a hissing noise, like the belt is completely sitting on the deck and its dragging.
  • I just ran the treadmill at 1mph and after about 20 seconds it just throttled down to almost a dead stop (without me on it).
    The only reason I question the belt is because we haven't used it enough over the years (in my opinion) it's been unused for about 5 years, and there was signs of this behaviour when we last used it years ago.
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    I didn't quite do an amp draw test as I'm waiting for a multimeter. But I do have a wattage meter that tests the draw from the electrical outlet.

    I set the treadmill to 3.0mph and the treadmill used about 75-80 watts (fluctuating). At times I heard the treadmill sounding like it was slowing down, and it drew about 65 watts.

    I stepped on the treadmill and at the desired speed the meter showed about 350-380 watts.

    Adter about 5 mins the treadmill slowed down and was pulling about 220-250 watts, eventually it sped back up and the wattage showed about 350-380 again.

    At no point did I change the speed of the treadmill manually.

    Not sure if that helps.
  • it really doesn't help much. let me know when you get the multimeter results.
  • Ok I ran the multimeter test.

    On 2.5mph and no load the meter showed consistently 2.2-2.7amps draw

    With a load, it drew about 7-9amps, with it spiking 10 only when I got on, or if it made an effort to step down hard.

    I then watched it with no load for about 5 minutes, the treadmill sped up and slowed down on its own with no load, and the power draw stayed the same (after a slight spike when it started to increase).
  • This sounds as if the motor controller is having issues as it heats up.
  • I'll start there. Thanks
  • So I replaced the controller. I went to calibrate the speed and so I entered the calibration menu 2, moved the speed up to 85. It immediately showed 8.2/12 (assuming that's slow as they recommend 11.7/12.
    After that it's showing 0.0.
    I went back to the controller and turned it clockwise a half turn or so, went to calibrate again and it still shows 0.0 (treadmill is moving).

    I went to 3.0 and after the adjustment it seemed like a comfortable walking pace.

    The question is, for the purpose of walking does Calibration really matter? I'm the only one using it.
  • no, the controllers don't always have to be calibrated
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